Another look at cars

There is quite understandably a strong focus on cars regarding the environment. However, some of how it is implemented is odd.

All the policies relating to the emissions of internal combustion engines (ICEs) continue to provide direct environmental benefit after the transition to electric vehicles is complete. This makes keeping these policies essential to avoid an environmental collapse.

I’m at a point in my game where I’m toeing the red line of a bureaucracy crisis, and looking at what I could cut. I noticed that petrol tax was producing 0 dollars, so I cut that. That got me thinking that I could cut things like the hybrid cars initiative and car emissions limits, since ICEs are no longer in use, these should be junk policies which I can do away now that they have out lived their relevance. This is not the case, as they are providing direct environmental benefits which I would lose if I canceled them. This never made sense anyways, electric vehicles do not actively repair the environment, rather they don’t cause the damage that ICE powered cars would.

I know I’ve brought this up before, but it has renewed importance now that the bureaucracy crisis exists. This also shows that the bureaucracy crisis is serving its intended function because I as a player am prioritizing actively cutting unnecessary policy.


I guess, I would ask what is more extractive, a fossil fuel car, or an electric car?


Perhaps the impact of electric cars would be lessened if “green” rare earth mining policies were implemented?