Another method to pay for Prdoduction Line... Paysafe card

Hi there,…

I found Production Line by accident on Youtube (KatherineOfSky) and it’s awesome. i don’t really care about the current status of development. It’s stable, it looks fun and you can earn tons of money by selling things. :smiley: I really want to play this awesome game. (Later on steam as well)
The bad thing is that I only buy games via Paysafe card. It’s also the only way to pay for games on steam… except steam cards. Would be so awesome if you could add another method to pay the game so I can play it.
Well,… you don’t have to. I would wait until it is released on steam then, but playing this great game NOW would be so damn good. :slight_smile: It’s just my kind of game I really enjoy. :wink:

Greetings,… Sylas :wink:

Thanks, we are kind of restricted by the payment types humble support right now, but it will be coming to steam early access at some point which will make it much more widely available!

Ok, I’ll wait till Production Line is availeable on steam. Can’t wait to play it. :slight_smile:
Cheers :wink: