another new game mode

Continued from the carrier thread:

this could be a game mode on its own. In Demigod, gates spawn soldiers and by capturing a gate you change control. well apply that to space combat. Each side has a gate. there is initial fleet setup, and based off that setup the player and ai gain reinforcements. the objective is then to shut down the opponents gate, by blowing it up gratuitously of course :wink: the reinforcements could be random from the ships designed for that faction. so even if you’re starting fleet is doing very well, the ai could suddenly spawn a ship from its arsenal that counters you, and back and forth.

Sounds like a modification of the survival modes. I could go for that. Just like a survival mission except you have the ability (if you’re lucky) to stop the next wave of ships from arriving.

precisely. this would also force players to set up SOPs for each type of ship they design, then the ship can warp in with those orders. That way you won’t have a missile cruiser trying to engage fighters having deleted the “engage fighters” order and saved that order template to that model.

this reminds me of an online game i played once called “Mothership warfare”. it’s all well and good, but i only had real fun once 3 minutes had passed. then you couldn’t deploy any more units manually, but hordes and hordes of units came from either side. it was awesome. it would be awesome to see that in GSB except having it happen all the time and being able to dictate your ships pre-battle. :smiley: