Another new project-Expanded military\War mod

Here is my plan for a new mod-a mod which expands your options with your military, and adds war to the game.

What this mod does is adds a new simulation value (military) which is affected by a series of new policies-some not removable, and others you can choose if you want or not.

Some policy ideas for this mod for now: Air Force, Navy and Army (all not removable,) Officer Corps (adds training for your officers-quite a boost for a good army,) Arms Development (A cheap way to expand your potential,) Nuclear Arms Policy (Expensive, but a great weapon, and will win wars (if you use them…,) Space Weapons Development (Can be seen as a waste of money, but if you make a breakthrough, your military will have its potential exponentially raised,) Air Defense (Protects your people from air attack during wartime,) Special Forces (Won’t win wars, but a very useful extension to your army,) Chemical Weapons Policy (Will damage relations, but makes your troops a lot more damaging,) Biological Weapons (Work same as chemical weapons, except cheaper and less effective,) Artillery Corps (Good for your army-supports your troops in the field.)

Some of those will most likely be cut before this mod is released (for streamlining.)

The ‘War’ part of this mod is quite complex-your nations attitude to war is managed through a policy (Attitude to War-on a scale from ‘Defensive Only (no war messages)’ to ‘Overwhelming Force (Many war messages)’

Skip this part if you don’t understand modding-its all technical mumbo-jumbo for a few lines.
Occasionally (depending on your nations attitude to war) you will get a dilemma asking you if you want to invade the nation in question-this gives a boost of 100% to a simulation variable-‘War’-which is hidden.
War-related events and dilemmas will only trigger when that simulation value is at 100%
After a while (depending on your choices-) the war will end in victory or defeat for your nation-which will send the ‘War’ value back down to 0%
So, what effects your victory in the war?
Your military spending-some choices affect it more then others
Choices made in dilemmas
Events (some of which are just bad luck-think Iraq and Vietnam)
Finally, if you can persuade any other nations to join you in your struggle (will be the last feature added-may even tie in with TomPhil’s State Union mod-if that is OK with him of course)

So, what dilemmas or events will there be?
Will you drop a nuke on the enemy?
How far will you go?
Appointing a new general.
Launching air strikes
Invading the whole countries, or just the ‘good’ parts
Chemical\Biological warfare?

General Assassinated!
Hostile Tactical Nuke (Only when you invade richer nations)
Air Raid on our city!
Enemy Invasion of our land!

Getting this all to work will obviously be quite hard, so if you have any ideas on how to tie the whole thing in together, feel free to ask.


Ill be expecting to launch the first version of this mod in a few days-depending on time.

Now this sounds good :smiley: !!

Although you might have to post up some instructions to install the mod or just add Tomphil’s installer to it :slight_smile:

Sounds good, but a nightmare to balance and I should imagine it could get very complex to create! I’m definitely happy for it to be integrated with the State Union mod - the two could even ultimately be parcelled together in a “super mod pack”. Once I have the State Union mod ready (it probably won’t take me that long to create, I just keep getting held up by needing to ask questions on here, and by keeping making programs to help me which take longer to make than they ever save in time!) then you will be able to see how it works and can look at creating some sort of “joint mods”. Once I’ve seen your mod I would also be happy to help with creating events and dilemmas, etc. and providing ideas for it if you wish.

They both sound good :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the responses so far.

TomPhill, I agree with what you say, this mod will take quite a while to do, and balancing it will be a nightmare. I already have how it will work in my head, but creating it will be hard.

Noachain, adding TomPhill’s autoinstaller will be a bit hard-as far as I know, it does not have support for changing the simulation file in the game, but I will be sure to provide detailed installation instructions.

Edit: Im going to start with the policies first. I heard some talk about Cliff adding something to the dilemmas so doing mods like this would be easier-so i’ll wait for the next patch until I start on the ‘war’ part of it.

Hi Pandaman,

Any updates on this mod? Are you still waiting for Cliff to add the “SetActive” feature?

Yeah, sorry for my inactivity the past few days, I have been getting addicted to Civ4, and for now, my main focus is the wiki, ill start work on this mod, once the set active feature is done.

As for policies, i might work on them a bit more tonight-I have already done a few.

can you upload the currently done policys?

Later, possibly. Wait a while, and they will all be done :wink:.

My Arms Development policy will be in the mod, that can already be downloaded from in these forums.

What benefits could the war bring? I mean, once you’ve started a war, it goes through events. But then, if you win, for exemple, how will it be registered?

The whole preparation-to-war and being-in-war sounds pretty good to me. The part of ending-war is a bit less clear, I have to say.

Benefits will depend on what you mean by ‘benefits’

You will lose support among the liberal groups upon winning

You will also gain a boost in a simulation variable-usually GDP, or oil.

It will be quite hard to make the mod so that the benefits of a war outweigh the advantages - normally the only justification for a war would be to protect one’s own territory or to enlarge one’s territory, things that cannot be simulated in the game. Other than that, the advantages of wars seldom outweigh the disadvantages.

are the policys almost done?

just joined up so this may have been covered in the discussion - what are the outcomes of this war?

I see three victory outcomes (requires strong military - or a weak enemy):

1 - Smash the emeny and return home (boost in the polls from the patriots)
2 - Smash the enemy and conqure the land (boost in the polls from patriots, capitalists, boost in GDP)
3 - Smash the enemy and occupy the land and then be driven nuts by an insurgency(gradual loss in patriots, capitalists too, as money pours into a percieved ‘lost cause’, military drains the GDP - maybe eventually withdrawing troops to save your politcal skin)

I’d say 1 and 3 are the most realistic - with three the obvious historical repeater (US in Vietnam/Iraq, USSR in Afghanistan)

3 loss outcomes (weak military or strong enemy)

1 - Get smashed and run away (loss in patriots)
2 - Get smashed and then repell an enemy attack on home soil (loss of GDP through infrustrure damage, boost to patriots)
3 - Get smashed and then conqured and shot (I guess that would be game over for you)

The likelyhood of these 3 outcomes occuring is based on the strength of your military (and possibly patriotism in regards to no.2)

Obviously I’m not a tech person when it comes to how this fits in the game programming wise, I love some of the senarios mentioned above, and i clearly can’t spell.

But thought I’d chuck in my 2 cents

3 - Smash the enemy and occupy the land and then be driven nuts by an insurgency(gradual loss in patriots, capitalists too, as money pours into a percieved ‘lost cause’, military drains the GDP - maybe eventually withdrawing troops to save your politcal skin)

Still at work so still thinking about this - the above victory doesn’t necessicarily mean a loss in capitalist favour. Military contractors wouldn’t be opposed to the business.

Maybe there could be a ‘outsource military contracts’ policy (cost in contracts vs savings made) this could boost military strength without as significant expenditure. And if the victory condition above happens, depending on the level of outsourcing happening, the capitalist polls won’t fall as much (or at all)

WOW that sounds good.

im a new member but wow this mod sounds really good, wheres it at? is it close to release?

i really agree with you…because they are greedy thats why they always make war! they kept making weapons for their protection and they don’t realized that they are killing the human beings!