Another new voter group-libertarians (Update 1 up)

I’m back after a long vacation from modding :slight_smile:

Anyway, I couldn’t help trying out the new create voter group feature, so I made a voter group that really should have been in the original game, libertarians.

Libertarians believe in smaller government, less taxes and more freedom-very conservative on economic issues (very free-market) and very liberal on social issues (abortion, gay marriage, etc.)

Most libertarians believe in some form of government, but few believe in no government (anarchists.)

Anyway, enough with my rambling, heres the mod,

The mod isn’t quite finished yet (its not fully balanced, and I would like to add some ‘libertarian’ policies (such as school vouchers,) and I haven’t done much testing (just made sure it won’t crash your game :wink:.)

Once I’ve finished making it, I’ll host it here, but for now, use the above link.

Update 1-Adds a new policy (school vouchers, needs balancing) and overall balancing is much better (they won’t hate you if you aren’t an anarcho-capatalist nation :slight_smile:.)

As always, any suggestions for new policies, events or dilemmas are welcome.

The link above has the new version.

Liberterians is a broad group of people, not all are “anarcho-capitalists” but could also be anarcho commies

Libertarians are in the game. They’re people who are both capitalist and liberal.

I understand the game has libertarians. People who are liberal and capitalist however I find very few policies that attract both these groups in the game. Some are capitalist meassures and some are liberal and I find the liberal socialists out weigh the liberal capitalists. Its very hard to reduce the need for government in the game (I do understand if you eliminate government then you can’t play the game but as an experiment it would be interesting to test some libertarian policies). There should be policies that are half measures toward free markets to help change over the statist scenarios and what not. So did any one ever finish this mod?


Awww, I was looking forward to creating my very own AnCapistan. But the files have disappeared from MediaFire =[ I’m getting tired of having to be authoritarian left or authoritarian right =\

When I got D2 a few months ago, I jumped straight into modding with policies like education tax credits and charity tax credits with which to replace public ed and the welfare state. I also created several policies and events surrounding a nuclear energy simulation. Unfortunately, most of my mods could only be made by changing parts of the model (simulations) deep in the original files, so I haven’t distributed them.

Then I found out that D3 is under development. I’ve abandoned D2 modding to await D3’s release. I am hoping that it will also enable modding, and that the modding will be more thoroughly encapsulated for easy insertion and removal of various mods. I’m also hopeful (since Cliff said so) that the new version will have those private institutions that can provide many of the services that D2 only offers via big state bureaucracies.

Once we see D3 (alpha test), then maybe we can fill in what policy gaps we still see. If we are quick and clever enough, maybe some of us can inject some policies into the the eventual release.