Anti Fighter tactics?

So what do you guys do to counter fighters? Any recomended weapons?

In my experience, well built fighters are practically immune to other fighters, even pulse laser fighters.

Really, I think the only counter to fighters is tractors + fast tracking weapons. The tractors being the most important part.

Tractors in mass quantities plus anything that fires quickly. Tracking speed isn’t even that critical, since the tractors slow them down - what’s important is to get off enough shots that you hit them while they’re slowed. The best fighter counter at the moment seems to be armored cruisers with repair modules and tractor beams, being escorted by fighters. The tractors slow enemy fighters, which allows your own fighters to chew them up and spit them out.

I have found the Fast Rocket Fighters also do well ripping through enemy Fighters, the slower the enemy the better. Making sure the rest of the Fleet has the armor to survive long enough for my Fighters to finish the job also helps. Supporting all this, Frigates with mass Antifighter turrents also helps too - they normally get destroyed but the rest of the fleet survives.