Anti missile weaponery?

Hi all!

I was wondering about anti-missile modules, like the defense points or scramblers. Do they defend only the ship equipping the module or do they blast to space dust any incoming projectiles??


I was thinking of creating a frig build who would have as purpose to block incoming missiles for the whole fleet, but is it possible?

Thanks for the help!

As far as i can tell all the anti missile weapons shoot at any missile that come into that weapons range.
it might be worth to note that If the anti missile frigate is flying behind the cruiser, you might find the missiles impact the shield before the frigate has a chance to shoot them down.

Its probably best to put 1 GS or PD on each of your ships rather than put them all onto a few ships and then none on the rest of your ships. That way each ship can support each other, assuming you keep your ships in a relatively close formation. A close formation means that if a ship explodes it will cause damage to the nearby ships, but at least you will have a very solid defense against both missiles and fighters. Each ship’s short range defense weapons (GS, PD, tractor beams, etc) will be able to protect other ships with overlapping firing arcs.

ive found that putting 2 GS on a cruiser basically renders it nigh invulnerable to missiles. frigates, however have no such luck, and PD is a really bad idea