I don’t know why I thought of it when I did, but these guys are a topic this game is missing entirely. I have no idea how to model them, or what players could do about them. On that last point, I don’t think anyone has figured out how to actually resolve this issue yet.



Those are part of distrust in authority - be it scientists, government, wealthy.

I suggested modelling such distrust.

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After having the situation “Infectious disease” for a year, an event pop-up saying that a vaccine has been developed. You would have a dilemma about making the vaccination mandatory or not. Forcing everyone to take it is more effective to fight the situation but upsets liberals a lot ; parents and retired could be happier if it’s required because they’d more worried/at risk . Patriot could be impacted too if the vaccine is foreign, which could be determined by the country science spending, if it’s high, you’re the one who made it, if not, it’s a foreign country (in which case you lose support with patriots anyway).


Modeling them is actually pretty easy! We already have a Fake News situation. Perhaps piggyback off Fake News to also reflect fake anti-vaxx news?