Anti-Vegan Policies


Please add a Anti-Veganism Campaingn policy similar to the anti-tobaco and anti alcohol-policies.
We need policies to be able to limit veganism, the same way we can limit alcohol, tobaco and drugs.

Recenty i’ve been playing and i have to say the the late game veganism is too damn high.

Agree that veganism is unrealistically high in any playthrough unless I intentionally try to upset Environmentalists. Thankfully for them, it doesn’t have any negative impact on other stats or approval.

But I’m not sure Anti-Veganism Campaign can be run as a state policy. I’d rather make it real hard to raise Veganism in the first place. Because appetite for meat is, in my opinion, very hard to curb. Otherwise, I’d at least add income stats or size of higher income groups as negative factors impacting Veganism. It is believed that income elasticity of meat is higher than others. Veganism itself might be popular among higher income groups but lower income generally leads to less meat consumption. I assume that the link of Food Price → Veganism in the base game does follow the same logic - if people gets to have less budget for food, they will consume less meat.

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As currently stated, veganism just mean that for some reason you are trying to eat a more variate diet, not only vegan.

Why not?
Adding Anti-Veganism Campaign is a quick and easy fix to this issue, for long term, yes it should be harder to increase it in the first place

name a country that actually did so

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There is no need for state anti-vegan campaign as private corporations already do it well better than any government’s attempt to use pseudo-science to boycot vegan diet ever could. It’s called meat advertising. But the state could theoretically promote meat-based diet by giving out subsidies to meat producing farms (thus making meat cheaper therefore eaten more), and using similar logic it could introduce a meat tax to promote vegan diet (making meat more costly therefore it would be eaten less).