Antistacking code

Was this changed in the last patch? My ships are having … problems getting to the front line - mostly just sitting at the back and jiggling.

Even when i start them off in a nice long line to try and avoid this - they seem to end up in a pack 3-deep … so the back ships are completely useless (well. until the front rank is destroyed). [this is for identical ships. i suppose there might be a good use for this in keeping long range ships from running forward… but that’s what range orders are for! :]

it seems to affect enemy ships too - but almost as though they have gigantic bounding boxes. fighting the empire, one of their cruisers got stuck off-screen behind another cruiser. when the front one was destroyed, it stopped jiggling and came forward.

could ships that’re unable to bee-line to their target plot a course around the problem pretty please? :slight_smile:

I have noticed the same behavior, although not so much the jiggling; just all trying to move into the same area of space and getting stuck or bouncing off each other - as if they are all on the same plane instead of making use of the 3D nature of space…