Any chance of a guide for modding?

It would be really great if at least a basic modding guide could be written for Kudos so people like me can work out easier how to make workable mods.
If that’s too much for now it’d be a really good idea to have one done for Kudos 2 when its released.

Wow, this forum has been going for nearly two years and no one has written a comprehensive guide? I can’t even find any guides that really cover even a single aspect (jobs, solo activities, items, etc.) of modding. From what I can tell, most mods are simple as editing values from a CSV file. Although I’m probably not 313337 enough to figure out what values go where on my own, I imagine it shouldn’t be too hard for someone who is to write a modding guide for us non-1337s.

Seriously guys, a little help here please? What’s the worst that could happen? Probably, you might get more people modding who otherwise wouldn’t, which would mean probably more help requests when they can’t get their mods to work. But that should be well offset by the requests prevented by the guide being readily available for reference to potential modders. (Or, at the very least, most requests could probably be answered by “RTFM”) All in all in the end, a guide would only serve to increase the number, variety, and quality of mods to come onto these boards.

There is a small bit of information for some areas of modding the game here The reason a comprehensive guide hasn’t been written is unlikely to be related to not wanting the boards filled with mod help or more mods being made, it’s more than likely the most qualified person to write it is the man who knows the game here the best, cliff. He is very busy with making games in general, etc. Someone else could write one but they probably haven’t for the same reason. It would be good if cliff could write one but I understand that he’s very busy and it’s probably not going to happen and that’s alright. However since he’s working on Kudos 2 it would be a great idea if he could write a modding guide for that before it’s released or in general. After all, once it’s released more people will probably be interested in it than Kudos.