Any chance of a modding guide for Kudos 2?

Since Kudos doesn’t have one and Kudos 2 is on the way, could some sort of comprehensive guide for modding the game be done before its released or soon after? I realise it’d take some time but it’d make modding so much easier for people not great at coding in general(like me) to work it out and less issues with mods not working due to incorrect coding due to lack of knowledge.

absolutely definitely. I’m going to ensure that modding is easier and more documented than it was for the original game.

I just got the newsletter that Kudos 2 will be due out very soon, will there be a mod instruction guide ready at the same time? Just asking not demanding!

Hmmm no idea, but I will try to get modding information out as soon as possible to finishing the game. I’m hoping to make it a bit easier too.

that’s the thing that makes Sims players hooked… the opportunities for creativity and customisation get simpler with each release. Because you understand simulation gameplay logic so well, if you nail that you’ve got a huge potential customer base waiting. Most Sims players HATE EA games and wish they had other developers that made games for them.