Any help about buying this game ?


So i have a little problem with buying this game. From the pre-order page i chose credit card then it opens a new page from humble`s website. When i enter my credit card info and checkout it says my CVC2 number is wrong but i got a text message from my bank that humble made a 1$ transaction. Then nothing happens. SO i already write this to Humble support team but i tought maybe someone had the same problem and have a idea. Thanks !

The 1$ transaction is a test transaction to make sure you can actually transfer funds. Typically you will see that when buying from a new service and usually is a few cents to a dollar that they charge then charge back soon after.

As for your CVC2 number being incorrect that would either be on HB part or your bank but it’s weird they would be able to even do a test transaction if you can’t provide a correct CVC. Basically Cliff can’t do much since it appears the problem would be on Humbles or your banks end. In addition to contacting HB I would contact your bank to make sure everything is correct.

Thanks for the answer Production Pie. So i need to find a different way to buy the game. I already contact the Humble. I will wait for their answer.

Would Paypal be an option for you?

I can look up the actual error message given to humble if you PM me your email address, but it sounds like they already told you its a CV2 thing?

So little uptade. I bought the game with amazon. So it was more secure and easy. And Humble send my money back today. Btw great game. With more updates it will be better.