Any interest in original lightwave models?

The game uses lightwave 3D models (very high poly) which get rendered to 2D sprites. Lightwave is pretty specialist stuff, but are there any experienced 3D modellers just aching to modify and re-render the ships? If so, let me know. I’m not too defensive or precious about the games art assets in terms of modding. I’m just trying to gauge interest in actually changing the 3D models themselves.
If you don’t own a copy of lightwave, or have never sued it, then this probably isn’t of much interest, but I’d like to know if it’s worth talking about.

I would definitely be:) Though to be honest I haven’t used light wave since the Amega came out with the Video Toaster.

I use blender, or did, now. It does do a fairly good import on light wave models though.

The thing that always seems to screw up is the texture data. I shall investihgate the possibilities, anyway.

I’d be interested for sure.

This is a very exciting offer! Is lightwave the only program that can open them? If so, would it be possible to export the models to a format that is more accessible? Thanks!

You can export from lightwave, but it does become a bit of a nightmare, because the textures go all over the place :frowning:

Yes. In fact, id like to machine them out of 20lb High Density Urethane.