Any progress on displaying indirect effects?

I’m probably being impatient, but I was wondering whether any more work had been done on showing effects that modify other effects, after introducing the graph tooltips, or whether you’ve put that down to focus on other stuff.

The only current way I have planned to show this is from the right-click meny on an effect strip. Maybe we need some subtle indicator on a strip to indicate it is modulated by other effects… but it would have to be intuitively obvious and I have not yet thought of a good way to do this.

I don’t know how open you are to furnishing ideas on the topic, but I have an idea for displaying that in a way that doesn’t lose information relative to a direct effect, without cluttering the effect list unnecessarily. I’ll mock it up in a moment. In essence, an option to expand an effect to see the strips for each of its modulators.

This lets you have a right click tooltip for each of the modulating effects, so for example in the picture above, you would have a graph showing the effects on CO2 Emissions from changing electric car transition, holding Car Usage itself constant.

Information about the modulation is arguably as important as the effect they modulate, so not displaying as clearly or as fully would be doing players a disservice.

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