Any redditors over here?

If so, come join us over at, which is incredibly lonely at the moment.

If you’re not a redditor, and have never heard or, go check it out. It’s good fun.

The recent steam sale of GSB has gained a lot of reddit attention, so I’m trying to grab as many GSB playing redditors as I can before the craze passes.

You are a wonderful person. The world needs more reddit-aware GSB players!

I talked about GSB on 3 different forums, with average view count of 500-700 each, so I’ve done my part. People seemed very interested after they saw the screenshots on the main GSB page. I’m sure it brought a few hundred customers at least.

Also youtube is a great tool, if you have a channel with many subscribers or know such person you can make your own GSB gameplay video and post it or get it hosted by other channels.