Anyone also buy Reflexive Version - Help?

I’m wondering if anyone else out there who’s bought the reflexive version runs into problems with the RWG file when they mod?

Do you know why it happens? Is it because I’m goofing up the coding, or is it something with the program itself?

I had the game working well, but my own mods had my character unbalanced with happiness, so I editted the numbers. Shouldn’t have been a problem. Then I added a few more activities just for fun, making them the same way. I’ve looked over them a million times and can’t spot what could be wrong.

So I uninstalled the game (again sigh), reinstalled, and now even the mods that were working create this error with the Kudos.RWG file!

So… XD Anyone had this problem that fixed it? I’d appreciate the help!


someone else had this: … hlight=rwg

but I think you will have to ask reflexive tech support to explain. ;(

lol, actually, that was me

I’ve been working on it again today, and I guess it had to be my coding. I took a look at my own post in the modding and put those ones instead of the ones I had in the file and, tadaa, it worked. So something must have gotten changed on it that i couldn’t find. (not too surprising actually, my pets tend to walk across my keyboard when i’m not looking, lol).

I’m still not sure what’s wrong with my new activities, so I’ll keep scowering them until I figure it out haha.

I figure an unmodded version is better than one not working! XD It’s a fun game.