Anyone else here try Democracy 3 Africa at the PC Gamer Week


Anyone else here try Democracy 3 Africa at the PC Gamer Weekender at the Truman Brewery in London?

I think I contributed 4 improvement ideas to (Jeff? White, bald, glasses guy? I was the Chinese guy with glasses in the big dark blue coat).

(Hmm…were these not in vanilla Democracy 3?)

1: Some way of telling which of the existing policies could be altered with the political capital you currently have.
2: Way of sorting the order of the policies on the new policies page (political capital cost, name, (just thought of one - projected popularity)
3: On the existing policy screens, a bar on each of the factions to show how large they are (so you don’t have to go back to the main screen to see it).
4: Having back and forward buttons on the screens (so if I click “Technology Backwater”, then Technology, then Technology grants, I can just press back and forward rather than press X (though I can just click on the names to go back I guess).


Thanks for the feedback, ideas like this are always welcome. (BTW that was Jeff Sheen, the D3:Africa designer/coder :D).


Hey Cliff,

I think you guys are really missing an opportunity by not including Ethiopia in the game… Addis Ababa is the 3rd diplomatic capital of the world (after New York & Brussels), they also have the fastest growing economy on the planet right now and have never been colonized by any country during their history… It just seems they would be an integral country to have in your game in terms of showing the diversity of African economies… Countries like Botswana and Mauritius seem to be very insignificant players in the African economy at large so I’m wondering why you guys chose to shut out Ethiopia?? It seems like GIANT missed opportunity…


Hello Cliff,

I think that an Africa game without including the biggest country in the continent (Algeria) is definitely a big miss. The country presents a unique complexity (rich with oil and natural gas reserves but populations poor), strategic position, great security threats, corruption, etc…

I hope Algeria will be included in future enhancements :slight_smile: