Anyone feel like helping me test a new build?

I’d like some volunteers who already have the game, to give 1.11 a try for me before I release it widely. Anyone up for that? :D. Its a new system for resource and stockpile management that scares me most!

Edit: Thanks, I got enough tester,s this was for 1.11, which is now live anyway.

I could give it a spin but I haven’t played since 1.07. If it doesn’t matter, I’m in. I have some software troubleshooting background (some programming too) when I was in a B2B customer care job for 5+ years.

… sure, what to do and what kind of feedback do you want/need?

Can you email me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk with the email address you ordered with, and II can sort out a preview link then.
I just want a quick sanity check that this build actually works on PC’s other than mine, and that I have not introduced some hideous NEW bug in the stockpile ordering code. (I’m pretty sure I haven’t) :smiley:

Sure, I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it, thats why I got the alpha in the first place :slight_smile:

im in !

Hi Cliff,

how to report feedback/bugs? As usual via the Bug Reports section or directly at this topic?

I sent a reply email to Cliff with my notes because a test build isn’t public, yet. I mostly looked at how parts were ordered to do-it-all units in the start. Lots of deleted parts in order to order correct parts…

i would like to test it.
i have some big factory’s

i am in for testing 1.11. i am kinda stuck on 1.10 with my huge productions :slight_smile:
i sent you an email.