Anyone got a spare version of core GSB on Steam?

Yep… That’s definitely it… I got mine from BMT Micro… But I didn’t knew, that it won’t work out with Steam (like it worked out with Space Pirates and Zombies), really wanted to have GSB in my Steam game library…

For exchange I have Post Apocalyptic Mayhem & Booster Trooper

Somebody interested?

Ok, lemme get this straight. You bought GSB. But you want it in your Steam library? And it will not easily import there like other games you bought?

So you are wanting to trade your GSB for a Steam version of GSB? Not sure what the other 2 games have to do with it.

So, dumb question #1: Why is it so important to have it in your steam library exactly? I mean, you click 1 icon that launches the game and there is no steam-based multiplayer or content for GSB. So what’s the big deal?

Dumb Question #2: Can’t you just Link the game as mentioned here? … 631AAq4vga

Have you tried various youtube videos n stuff that tell you exactly how to do it? And give troubleshooting tips?

  1. Auto-patching and auto-updating to the last version including all bugs fixes & etc.
  2. Availability from any computer, that has Steam installed on it.
  3. Just very comfortable.

Steam lags behind on ALL updates, This program and files are small enough to fit on a flash drive. um i forgot the rest of wha ti was going to say. But there is ways to get around the short comings on it not being a steam game. Beside if it is on steam i highly do not think the ship files will be able to move from pc to pc.

If you bought the game from BMT, you can download the game again any time you want. And you’ll be way ahead of steam as far as patches are concerned.

I don’t think that Steam even offers the latest Parasites race DLC expansion as well as not yet having the patched v1.58 version of GSB. No Plasma Slingers, Missile Revenge Scramblers or Flak Cannons for you guys. :stuck_out_tongue: Steam has long been quite bad at taking care of GSB players on a timely basis.

But there is another problems… Even in your e-mail, you, I & everybody can forget, lose or just delete by mistake e-mail with links… In Steam you can’t lose it… Well you can lose Steam account, but you can retrieve it… Well and retrieve every link from BMT Micro I lost… can be a problem… Well until BMT Micro has some global account system by e-mail, that keeps all these links for you… For now I don’t know about it even if it’s exists…

Steam already patched it to v1.58 long time ago… Well DLC will take time because it’s costs money, it requires time to finish whole process of implementation to GSB as DLC, that costs money, it takes time… If DLC will be free, it can be available at the same day, it’s just because Steam requires for each file that costs money setup additional management settings… Steam system VERY complicated, thus because of complex difficulty - it’s almost impossible to hack it to steal games/programs/accounts.

You can add you own Plasma Slingers, Missile Revenge Scramblers and Flak Cannons, because core GSB 1.58 supports them :slight_smile:

No, it isn’t… Well, please, at least explain, why do you think so?

The BMT version of the Parasite DLC works just fine with the Steam version, so long as you tell it where the game is located. So as far as the PC version of the game, it all works. The Mac version however is still at v1.56.1 and its entirely possible that the DLC is being held until the 1.58 patch is rolled out for both platforms. I don’t see why else they would delay its release. The PC version of Parasites is also available on Impulse, though I don’t know if that is delivered through a stand alone installer like BMT offers

One of the most annoying things about Steam is the Loading Steam option in order to play your game. I do have games from Steam, that’s only because the game was $5USD. The second thing is offline mode which is useful, but the only time you want that is when you lose internet, and still want to play the game… But… you can’t without logging in first.

Oh and with steam, you can forget your login, you can forget your user name… while Cliff has your name and last email of your purchase and can allow you to download the game if you can verify who you are.

If someone get’s your email account info and you use the same login as steam… well… you’re now screwed. That’s my two cents.

Those are amazingly trivial problems with Steam. What if you forget your e-mail address and password? I guess Cliff can’t help you, but if you remember your Steam login you still have all your games. See what I did there? The launcher is a minor concern, but I’m still waiting for the day when Steam patches out the necessity of the launcher (other DL services already do it).

My only big problem with Steam was despite the fact that they get so much more of the sale price in their pockets they still charged full price. Then they started a policy of heavy sales, and that was enough to satisfy this bargain hunter.

Yes I can. I can find your order by your physical address, or even your first and last names and date of purchase, no problem.

You aren’t helping. :wink:

why would he? if he bought it through steam, he would get less money. simple as that :wink:

Aaaaaaaaand another goal scored by Team Positech. :stuck_out_tongue: