Anyone here who is still using GSBEdit?

I did not want to necropost, so I thought opening a new topic would be better. I am running Mac OSX 10.7, and am wondering how to fix this error for GSBEdit? It says something about modules.

Hi there. It looks like your “data/modules.cfg” file in the GSBEdit directory is missing or corrupt. Could you take a look and make sure the content of it matches roughly what is shown here: … odules.cfg

The most important thing is the [module] section at the top.

Hm, there was no modules.cfg, but my game still runs fine. Other than that, I saved the file from the link you posted, but that still does not work.

Just to clarify - I assume you obtained GSBEdit from

You don’t need to run it from the GSB directory, it will work from anywhere. Assuming you obtained the correct source package, I’m not sure what the problem could be. Have any other Mac users had a similar issue?

Yep, I did. Also, I think I should add this. I was having problems getting wxPython to run, so I changed Python to 32bit mode.

Could that be a part of the problem?

Last login: Sat Dec 17 11:32:35 on ttys000 Jonathans-MacBook-Pro:~ Jwei$ python /Applications/GSBEdit/ 2011-12-17 11:32:58.208 Python[10764:1107] CFURLCreateWithString was passed this invalid URL string: '/System/Library/CoreServices/CommonCocoaPanels.bundle' (a file system path instead of an URL string). The URL created will not work with most file URL functions. CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPath or CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPathRelativeToBase should be used instead.

Also getting that error.

That error is coming from somewhere deep in the libraries. I’m afraid I won’t be much help here. Are you able to run any other wxPython based apps? I’m not sure how much experience you have with these things, but if you’ve done any Python programming before then it might be worth running a wxPython demo app (at least showing a few different UI widgets, as that error looks to be in the common controls library) and seeing if you get similar errors.

I have no knowledge of Python at all. As of now, I think I’ll mod in Windows. But I’m digging around. I think it’s an OS X Lion thing.

If it’s of any significance, I am running wxPython 2.8, and Python 2.7.2

How did you get GSBEdit working on mac?

Those are the versions I’ve tested on. There’s definitely something wrong though, as that message says you’re missing something that has been part of the wx libraries for a long time. You could try reinstalling wx (especially might be an issue if you changed Python version after installing it).

GSBEdit should work on Mac as it’s a Python app, so all you need to do is make sure Python and wxPython are installed. I know a couple of people were using it before.

I’m looking to get back to developing GSBEdit in the near future. Maybe there will be a few people still wanting to use it :wink:


I’ve tried. Doesn’t seem to work. Though when my classes start back up in Spring, I am taking a Python class. And it would be great if you ever get around to getting back to GSBEdit, since it is alot easier to use then to make a load of files. :slight_smile: