Anyone in a band?

Anyone on the forums in a band? or learning an instrument? I was in several, even worked as a guitar teacher, but haven’t played with other people for maybe 10 years. Frankly I miss it, although only the fun parts, not the bickering and carrying amplifiers up stairs.
Any musicians here?

i want to learn the guitar but lessons are too expensive. :frowning: :frowning:

aha. I used to be a guitar teacher! Still, it can be done, just watch some youtube videos, and read some books on it. It was quite a while before I took formal lessons, and ages before I went to the guitar institute :smiley:

i wanna to learn the electric guitar. how much would a good one but cheap cost me?

well you get what you pay for I guess, but at the start you really don’t need anything fancy. I’d avoid one with a floating bridge, as the cheap ones tend to go out of tune worse than ones with fixed bridges (like fender strats). I had a hohner guitar, then aria, then my trusty Ibanez. Ibanez make awesome guitars, and I think they cover all price ranges, but it depends where you live I guess.

lol too much jargon for me there. So should i start with an acoustic?

some people say you should, but Im not so sure. the strings on an acoustic are way higher, so its actually pretty hard work. I’d start with an electric :smiley:

k found a electric one on ebay for about £45 any good? … otohosting

Thw whole clarinet and saxaphone families, plus oboe and some piano.

As for bands, just marching, symphonic, jazz, and pit orchestra (plus theatre).

I’ve recently been asked ot join a band, but I think I out-age everyone in the band by at least 10 years and I don’t have time time, too bad to. :frowning:

heh. I wish there was a bane near me of people my age, who didn’t have delusions of stardom (and who needed a slightly rusty rock guitarist). I’ve been in bands where some people are ambitious and some just want a laugh, and it never works ;( (I was always the ambitious one :smiley:)

Hello Cliff, I have sang and played guitar for a few bands, I was co-owner of a record company in Lison Portugal, so when I play this game it makes me laugh at times thinking wow I ahve been there and I don’t miss it! carrying amps up stairs … booo how about trying to get an entire set into a Fnac store elevator that has boxes and crap piled in it up to your shoulders! Yeah I don’t miss it. I played guitar for 10 years and decided to quit. Working in the industry really killed my motivation :stuck_out_tongue: , anyways I think these games you are creating are great. Keep it up man. I am currently in school for network specialist, but I think I’d like to try my hand at some programing as well. Seeing this makes me think it’s got to be worth it after you see what you have done. all that work and hours.

Brades :smiling_imp:

I was in a band once with a roadie who was a tree surgeon. he was huge, i remember 2 of us strugglign to get a 4x12 up the stauirs, and he was patiently waiting behind us carrying one on his own…
Yeah, carrying the drums and the amps was never fun :smiley:


Just bought the game yesterday and already loving it.

I’m in a band, and oh don’t we love carrying our gear in-and-out of venues/rehearsal rooms/recording studios. At our last show we had minions (also know as a ‘band liason’) to carry out gear for us. We didn’t trust them to set up our gear though :wink: I didn’t even trust them to carry my laptop/midi controller/digital piano setup either.


Not necessarily in a band per se but definitely part of a band. Both of my brothers have always been into “musicianship” more than me [size=67](though I did take piano lessons for a while when I was 11… and I did inherit a cheap bass guitar and figure out an improvised bassline for a Billy Joel song when I was 20ish) [/size]

My brothers started a band 20 years ago and they had a few bands with different people over the years but I guess the band in it’s current configuration has been together for 15 or so. I’m there for most practices, gigs and other times when we’re just hangin’ out, I always have and still do a lot of ‘roadie’-type things (carrying stuff) but now I also do photography/cinematography and [color=black]the band website.

I’m more adept at playing the 102-key QWERTY keyboard than any 88-key,6-string or 4-string instrument and I do sing when nobody’s around but that prob’ly doesn’t count. Lately I mostly play Kudos Rock Legend.

Used to play in many bands. I only miss music in that, for me, its synonymous with being young (and for being willfully destructive.) I couldn’t get away with the stuff I used to ten years ago now that I’m in my 30’s. I wouldn’t have the guts to drink the rider for all five bands on the bill, or play 10 minutes of feedback screaming into the pick-ups, or smashing a guitar that I knew I had no money to fix on the footpath outside the club while the drummer played on (bewildered) inside, or any of a thousand other memories I have of being in bands.

I thought of it as anti-music, but in hindsight, I was a bit of a brat.

I miss being a brat. :smiley:

I’d feel silly wearing leather trousers now. Plus I have only a tiny fraction of my hair from those days ;(

Yup, I’m in a band. I play Guitar, Harmonica and do backing vocals, although not at the same time obviously!

I’ve been told that at 27, we’re too old to get famous! Still, we’re doing alright. :wink:

I don’t mind loading/unloading all the kit, we use the smallest amps we can. You can keep your massive marshall stacks, Roland Cube 60 for me thanks!

Despite all the lousy promoters, poor venues, trouble getting paid (in the south-east) and the sleeping in the van, I wouldn’t give it up for the world!



PS, if you want any music for the game, any samples of any instruments, give me a shout!

marshall stacks are a bit overpriced I reckon. give me a fender amp any day. I never had a marshall stack, just a hi-watt head and 4x12, but the band persuaded me to paint the 4x12 grid black so it matched the marshalls. heathens!

Ultra-Axe guitar and Muffins stacks :smiley:


I am in a band called Chained Miaden here is the myspace link: