AoE Weapon Property not working on Beams and Lightning Guns

So I got Parasites a while ago and was experimenting with adding AoE damage to various weapons, and noticed that adding

aoe_radius = 840 aoe_scalar = 0.5 payload = FLAK
to a beam or lightning-gun type weapon did not cause any area-of-effect damage. I was hoping to be able to do this for a modded race I’m working on, so it would be really nice if this got fixed. Thanks!

Hello, Tohron. The area-of-effect parameters ONLY function with bullet-type weapons. Disappointing, but “c’est la guerre”.

Good luck with your modded race! I hope you might share it with us at the Gratuitous Modding subforum in the future. Look us up if you need a bit of help.

Unfortunate that AoE is bullet only - I thought I saw it working for Disruptor Bombs, but maybe that was something else in effect. Still would be nice if it’s applicability was expanded.

I’ve already posted a few of the ships in the modding forum when I was having issues (all of which were worked out!). I’ve got working models for all of the ships now, so now its on to modeling turrets, creating/editing more dds files, modeling some more scenario backgrounds, and creating and balancing the modules. Should have more to say once it’s nearing completion.