Apostrophe abuse

Though low priority, out of respect for the english language, a consistently occurring error needs to be addressed.

Throughout the game and the manual “it’s” is used incorrectly when “its” (no apostrophe) should have been used instead.

“You can see the current efficiency of a module by hovering your mouse over it’s location on the ship.”

The posessives his, hers and its have no apostrophes.

It’s” only has an apostrophe when you need to abbreviate “it is”.

Many thanks.

I too would like to see proper use of grammar. And the use of either British or American English rather than a schizophrenic use of both.

It is the polishing of the spit! People enjoy a shiny, polished game more.

I did offer to proofread the manual (and tutorial text if given a textfile version of it) but was never taken up on it :frowning:

I appreciate all such offers, but I get overloaded with stuff and don’t get around to all of them, especially as the manual keeps getting revised as features change :frowning:

The manual is revised as features change? That’s awesome. A lot of more “polished” games don’t bother to do this. I guess this means I ought to actually read the manual. :wink: