app store version with dlc

I tried to install the campaign DLC but it says:

“File copy failed
The installer couldn’t copy an upgraded file. Do you have admin privileges? Please retry from an admin account or contact for help and report error 2.”

Mac OS X 10.6.6

Well, do you?

That is usually the issue, but not, we’ve found, with App Store games – Apple won’t let us install anything into the game’s bundle, which is where the DLC usually goes. We have just submitted an update to the App Store version to Apple; once that is approved – assuming it is – the App Store version will also look elsewhere for DLC, and we’ll send out new DLC packages to any App Store customers who bought DLC through Red Marble or Positech. So, sorry for the glitch, but it should be remedied as soon as Apple OK’s our new version.

no sudo work around?
not a big deal; i can wait.

Nope, we tried that. But it’s with Apple now and should be approved soon (crossing fingers).