Apparently I'm really good at breaking things....

Ok, I only found out about GSB about two weeks ago by seeing a little snippet in my latest PC Gamer about it but it looks like it’s going to be a great game. I went ahead and pre-ordered it and downloaded it then proceed to find it really doesn’t like me. lol

The first thing I ran across I’ve already figured out what I did wrong but since it caused the game to crash I figured I’d let you know about it. I wanted to go ahead an get everything activated right off the bat so after reading the manual I launched the game and clicked on the online button which brought up the window where your supposed to enter you cd-key. I only partially read the email in which I received the key so instead of entering the actual serial#/key I ended up entering the download password # instead. When I clicked the OK button this causes the game to crash with a error. I’ve since re-read said email and entered my actual serial # but can still reproduce the above error if i delete it out and key in a random number. So while it works fine if you enter the “correct” serial # if a incorrect number, all my tests had no dashes just numbers, can cause a crash.

After dealing with the above I went in and designed a few ships and noticed another small bug. When you select a new hull, before you add any modules it shows the armor value as “-1.#L” except the “L” is backwards. It goes to 0 or actual value as soon as you add any module armor or weapon.

One suggestion for the ship screen is if there would be a different way of selecting ship hulls. Right now I don’t know what order they appear in but it’s a frustrating one for me. Since you can only see one ship at a time, seeing multiple ships one next to another to see the differences it would be very helpful if they were in order by ship size then cost or some such. IE First ship shown would be the cheapest fighter, then the middle cost fighter, then the high cost fighter, then the cheapest frigate…ect.

I then tried to actually play a mission and no matter what I do GSB crashes when I hit the “fight” button. For the first several crashes when it locked up I could hear the standard windows error sound but could not see a error window and couldn’t get back to windows at all short of rebooting. I then switched to windows mode and have no been able to see the error and will post a screen shoe below. No matter what type of battle I try I get the same exact resulting crash. I started out by designing my own deployment with my own ships, orders, ect on the first mission. After that crashing a couple times I tried to launch the “sample” deployment that the game defaults to without changing a thing also on the first mission. I also tried a online challenge, with my own deployment and the “sample” deployment with the exact same result of the game crashing. I don’t know what is causing the issue but nothing I try seems to work. Below I will have links to the debug files as well as the screen shot of the error.

Any suggestions on what I could try to resolve the crashes to get into a battle would be greatly appreciated.



Hi, the crash on hitting fight is solved by disabling ‘menu battle’ under the games options screen.
If it helps, you can scroll through hulls with the mousewheel.
I’ll fix everything else!