Application fails to start


I just bought the steam version of the application (with all three expansions), and it fails to start. Looking through the file in the debugdata directory, I note that it seems to be incorrectly determining my operating system and screen resolution.

My machine specs:
Win XP Professional SP3 (with updates maintained)
Intel Core2 Duo
E6850 @ 3GHz
Dell flatscreen with Resolution 1280 by 1024

I could not attach the debugfiles as the web interface to attach them appears to give me an error message of “The extension txt is not allowed”. I have therefore cut and pasted from the debug.txt file:

[code]----DEBUG FILE----
Windows Vista detected
GSB Debug File. App version Full 1.32
Desktop resolution is 1920 x 1200
Initialising Direct3D
Initialising global vertex buffer
creating render targets
success in initialising 3D
Initialising Direct Input
Finished Initialising Direct Input
Initialising Sound Engine
Initialised Sound System with 512 channels

Finished Initialising Sound Engine
releasing D3D engine
D3D released
It’s worth noting that I did install the demo a few months ago, and uninstalled after a while. However it worked beautifully first time. The errors I have in the errors.txt refer to those dates.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to provide more information.


It was an interaction between existing files on the filesystem for 1.32 (when the demo was installed) and the new full version download. The debug line indicating the version number gave it away (after reading the forums with people referring to the current 1.45 version). Having cleared everything out and re-downloading the game from scratch, it worked first time.

I didn’t get a chance to play it (going out), but it looked very pretty :slight_smile: