Aquiring honor

I just bought this game and I blitzed through the campaign. How do I get more honor? I’ve done all the difficulties and I still have a ton of stuff to unlock, I did all the campaign using the tutorial ships so maybe that might have something to do with it.

The amount of honor you get is the amount of resource points available for the mission minus the amount you actually spent. So you want to win each mission with the minimum possible total cost of ships deployed.

ah i see

If you win battle x for the first time o easy using 44000/45000. It will result in a gain of 1k honor. The next time winning battle x on easy with 42000/45000 will result in a gain of 2000 honor (44000-42000).

Basically you can get nearly enough honor to unlock everything from doing all of them once if you try to get 3k-7k per win.