Arbitrary debt.

I’ve been trying to create Denmark for the game, but I can’t get the debt right. The debt is kr 417 billion, but I can’t figure out how to write it in the text file so that it shows correctly in the game. The game just seems to create an arbitrary debt whenever I try to play it.

Here’s what I wrote in the text file:

debt = 417.800
wealth = 1.87

I don’t know what “wealth” really refers to in the game, but it seems to be the operative number in regards to the debt. Could somebody help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?


as I recall (without looking at the code) the debt is some multiple of the default debt, which is the UK, so I think its a case of dividing desired debt by the Uks debt and using that number.

Thanx for responding, but it doesn’t work. Even if I leave the same number (whatever it is) at “wealth” the game nonetheless generates a different debt/reserve (usually the latter) every time.

It is “wealth” I’m supposed to change, right?


Ok I looked at the code, here goes:

	WealthModifier = GetPrivateProfileFloat("config","wealth",1.0f,(char*)filename.c_str());

StartingDebt = GetPrivateProfileFloat("config","debt",0,(char*)filename.c_str()) * WealthModifier;

So basically its a multiplication of the two.
What is wealth? Its a value used to skew the income and expenditure costs of everything. The UK uses default values (wealth is 1.0) but a country like the USA obviosuly spends proportionately mroe on everything, so its wealth is much higher.
So wealth should be set as the ratio of your countries GDP to the UKs.

and I guess wealth should be the actual debt you want, divided by the value for wealth.
Hope that helps,

Thanx a bunch for looking at it.

Following your directions I did the following (DK=Denmark):

(100/(UK GDP/DK GDP))/100=wealth

(desired debt*wealth)/1000=debt

It didn’t hit the mark exactly, but with a bit of tweaking I managed to get the right amount.

Could I just ask you one more thing? I’ve been assuming that “debt” means the entire public debt, not just the foreign debt. Am I correct in assuming that?

Anyway, so far so good. Now I can keep working on Denmark.