ArcadeTown Version -- How to add new content?

I have the Arcadetown version of the game. I didn’t know that I could buy the game directly from here, and I really wish I had!

On the Modding tab on the main Kudos page, it talks about the auto-update list and the Internet update screen. Is the Internet update screen the same page as the one the patches are on? And what’s/where’s the auto-update list?

I’ve seen references to an in-game updater, but my game does not seem to have anything like that. Is this a feature of the ArcadeTown version, or am I missing something?

My understanding, from reading this forum, is that the patches contain new stuff, not just bugfixes, and that the patches only work with the version that’s bought directly from Positech. Is there any other way to get the new content into the game – is there a single page where it’s all posted or something? Or can I buy some sort of upgrade to the real version of the game?

Thanks very much to cliffski for a fun game!

Hi, I’m trying to sort things out so that everyone who buys through a third party gets a newer version.

That’s very good of you, since I know from reading the forum here that I’m not the only one who’s been thinking, “I could have bought it directly from Cliffski, supported the creator, AND gotten a fuller-featured game? Crap!!!”

For those of us who’ve already bought from a third party, is there any way to upgrade? Send you our old game and $3 or something?

Not at the moment, but I’m trying to get it so that BFG and arcadetwon can get you the newer version anyway. I just Ok’d that with the publisher, so its just a matter of waiting for those 2 sites to get the newer versions up and running, and them telling people who bought the game about it.

It’s very sweet of you to go to all this trouble; thank you!