Are damaged ships going to flee?

I just found these lines in the comm file ( found in the program files GSB folder):

0 = “All my weapons are out. I’m retreating from the battle.”
1 = “My weapons are out, I can’t do much good here. I’m heading away from the battle. Good luck guys!”
2 = “Our weapons are fused. We have to fall back. It’s over to you now. Good luck.”
3 = “We just lost our last weapons system. I’m setting course for home base now.”

Does this mean that ships without weapons will retreat from the battle? that would mess up quite a few strategies i have, such as decoy fighters and frigates, and tribe buffers designed to soak up the damage.
On a related subject, there are also three new folders under the mygames GSB folder, called campaigncapturedesigns, campaignfleets and campaignprogress.

If you just drop designs without weapons, they will still go mindlessly to ‘fight’ the enemy. But, if you are putting them weapons I can’t assure that that they will still be in the battle because sometimes I’ve seen frigates trying to gtfo from the battlefield (well, when they lose their weapons they start wandering around -.-’). I’m not certain about that part they retreat, cruisers are too slow when damaged to do that and frigates don’t last really long.

About those ‘new’ folders, I had already seen them. Three weeks ago more or less :stuck_out_tongue:
I think they have been for a long time inside the savegames folder (I saw one of those three folders a couple of months ago, campaign progress I think) I suppose cliff added them at the same time he was adding new stuff for the camapign (maybe accidentaly because the campaign is not here yet D:).
I didn’t feel the need of saying the stuff cliff leaves around there :P, if you dig inside GSB you’ll find a couple of unused sprites and other stuff.