Are Gamers Liberal?

I’ve been watching Democracy 3 being played a lot on twitch and on youtube and it always seems to me that people will go the Liberal-Social route unless they are deliberately trying to engineer a nation. i think this may be because as gamers on the internet we are inherently liberal in nature, some of us too more a degree than others.

it would be interesting to read some opinions on this,
Thank you -Y

Well, to be honest, it’s mainly also due to the fact that it’s kinda biased a little towards that liberal-social place. I personally believe one of the best utopia’s would be a police state, where the government knows everything about their citizens and stuff. So my model would be

Middle Income ridden
Extremely Patriotic

And for me to get near that stage (I got all except non-religious because of stuff) without political capital needed was really difficult, I later mastered the “technique”, but it wasn’t as easy as Socialist-Liberal would be. On the other side, many politicians or just normal people think the liberal socialist doesn’t exist, but what they don’t understand is that it does, Socialist in a economic point of view and liberal in a social point of view. Because many people don’t understand how it works, i think maybe they try to go that path to explore.

Sorry for my english.

That may be true, i was playing today trying to make an ultra conservative capitalist paradise and i found it magnitudes harder than going the natural liberal route. perhaps cliff is trying to point out liberty is human nature. or maybe he doesn’t realize =P

In game nations have innate liberalism and socialism. It is to reflect a degree of reality.
The trend of Socialist Liberal occurs because it is popular to voters in game (easier to win as in it doesn’t alienate the majority from the get-go), and in real life as well. “Equality and liberty for everyone” is always more popular than let the poor eat dust, and let’s go back to the dark ages morally.
Gamers wanna win. Others wanna explore deeper. Simple as that.

That is true in some countries, but germany before becoming nazi? Many third world countries tend to go through the third way route (like Argentina, a Justicialist country) because it makes development faster, so it’s not a let the poor eat dust, is a “let’s all sacrifice for the well-being of the state so we can later be rich altogether”

Stock game, buddy, I am talking about the nations in stock game. Added nations thru mod, I can’t vouch for those.

Yet you said before “in real life as well”