Are off-map units invulnerable?

I’m playing against challenge 4614426, and as a result of the death explosions and his stacked fleet, the remaining 20% or so of the tribe cruisers are getting physically pushed off the map. They’re still firing.

I can’t totally be certain (as I’m losing ships and eventually the challenge), but I believe I’ve thrown enough firepower downrange towards his remaining ships to kill them multiple times over. Damage doesn’t seem to fully register to units partially or completely off map.

I don’t think so. I think you are talking about THC’s SAC-5-19? I don’t seem to have any trouble killing his cruisers while they are off screen.

Of course, it will still be nice if Cliff can confirm this.

And how come ships can move off the map? I would think that should act as a hard wall. I hate it when an enemy cruiser moves off the map and I can’t see the battle.

it makes no difference to the simulation if they go offscreen, they should definitely be taking damage exactly the same way.