Are the developers fascist?

Upon playing this game, I tend to realize that I get the best utopias when I just go all-out socialism, atheistic, and totalitarianist. Basically, I ignore anything religious, have the strictest economic regulation, and have the best-equipped police and military, with harsh penalties, highest security prisons, death penalties for most crimes, and no jury trials.

All of that seems to yield the lowest crime rates, the lowest unemployment rates, and the greatest GDP.

Talk about your subliminal messages!

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Cause this is the truth!! I now tell you the FACTS:

Most happy and richest and less crimes countries in the world are ATHEISTIC! Where more people are non believers.
2. The more in country atheists -the higher the average country’s citizens IQ.
3. Atheist tend to be more emphatic, and more better persons with higher education and IQ.
4. Because of that - they produce better kids, better parenting. Country spends more on science, medicine so overall happiness increases.

THe most poor countries -are those where the most believers! India, Africa, America. All those continents have MANY MANY MANY nature resources but they are most in debt in all world.

And the most angry people-are those who have strong believes in gods.

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The OP is correct, Democracy 2 ignores history in determining it’s cause and effect relationships between policies and realities.

Socialism and Communism have failed throughout the world since it’s inception in the early 20th century. The Soviet Union collapsed, Europe is embroiled with debt crisis and riots, and Cubans live in squalor. Meanwhile the largest economy in the world was created by personal liberty and responsibility, centered on religious values that teach people to be tolerant of each other’s beliefs and to treat others how you would want to be treated. Without a belief in something larger than oneself we see consistently an air of self-importance and entitlement and intolerance of people who think differently than themselves. It’s only now when America is adopting more and more socialist policies and working to paint religion as something negative that we are witnessing the decline of prosperity.

And faced with the facts of history how do socialists deal with always being on the wrong side of history? They pretend history is wrong.

Having played the demo, I won’t be buying this game.


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