Are the Nations on Democracy 2 fictional?

I haven’t been able download the demo because of my PC, but a friend told me the nations are fictional instead of based on real Nations like Democracy 1. Just wondering if this is so?

This is true (unless Bananaland or whatever it is called is a real country!)

Cliff told me his reasons for doing this here.

They’re fictional, but some them have obvious real world influences. There are nine playable nations, and they run the spectrum of economic strength and political ideology.

Right, thanks. My mate said one was called Bibleopia or something. So there fictional states but with real political ideaologies and Government/Constitutional systems? Right got it :wink:

Great game but I would prefer real nations like the first game :frowning:

Yes, I think so too. But I over read someone saying it is possible to mod real nations into the game, I think it was in that link Zild sent me just above. I suppose also this makes the Democracy 1 live on though, so if you want to play as a fictional nation but have better features, then play on Democracy 2, but if you want to play as real nations but at the cost of not having as good and updated feature then go with the 1st one :slight_smile:

I got the demo working now by the way, and I really like that you get to choose a Political Party, thats something I think is a really good feature added :slight_smile:

I would like the real countries to be available in Demo2 too.

That said, whilst I am looking forward to modding the game, I think that getting everything balanced and accurate would be horrendously time-consuming - assuming it is even possible!

Can’t see how the complexities of a reallife nation could be shoved into the game, without leading some players to reasonably point out, “This really doesn’t reflect X Nation at all.” Better to do what Cliff has done, in my opinion: find patterns of nations whose political, economic and social life fit an easily modelled standard.

I’ve had a go at converting an old mission file from Democracy 1 into Democracy 2. It’s not very hard to do - if you have both versions, you should be able to go to the missions folder on the old democracy, copy your chosen countries out of there into the new one, and make the necessary tweaks. I did make a post here on what you need to do, but it got deleted (I think) when the board was upgraded. It only took me about 15 - 20 minutes to change a Democracy 1 mission file into a Democracy 2 one. If you’d like a look at the one I did (the UK), I’ve uploaded it to my server:

I can’t promise that all of the policies are exactly the same as in real life (although I think the file I converted was one that I had previously tweaked to make it a little more like real life Britain), but it should add to the fun for those of you missing real countries.

There are three files - the mission file (UK.txt) needs to be put in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\missions, and the two flags (the bitmaps) (which are resized versions of the original from Democracy 1) need to go in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\bitmaps\flags. Change the root if appropriate.

I’ve also done a new one, which I have tried to make as realistic as possible. It takes advantage of some policies that were not in the original, and also covers developments in policy that may have occurred since the original democracy (eg. detention without trial, and various eco-taxes). However, it is much easier than the original one, and starts with far less situations to deal with and a much healthier economic position. It is therefore probably much less of a challenge, but is more realistic than the one I posted above.

If you would like to try this one, then the link is - instructions same as above.

That’s pretty good, TomPhil. I think it actually shows what’s missing in this game; Labour should not have so much support from the socialists and so little from the capitalists. We do need privatisation and nationalisation policies, in my opinion.