Are "The Nomads" race coming to Steam?

Quick question, when are “The Nomads” race being released to Steam? I’d like to buy the full priced version too. :slight_smile:


Yes they are, steam are just picking a release slot for it, AFAIK. The mac versions coming too.

Thanks Cliffski; absolutely love your work & the respect that you give to your audience. I’ll definitely be investing in the full priced variant.

Will it also be coming to Impulse? I have checked there everyday since Nomads was released hoping to see some information, but I haven’t seen anything in the Coming Soon section.

Yup, any day now

Ahhh… the Nomads made it to Impulse today. :slight_smile:

A Long time since the nomads came out, and no steam version. How much time is gonna take?

I know! I’ve been checking daily too. >_< Come on Steam, hurry up!

You can buy it here, and just install it into the steam folder. Its literally one mouse click difference.
Plus it will almost certainly only be at the full price on steam.

how can I link it to my steam, is this possible?

I already bought it from here.
it was a simple one file setup - does the game link it to my key. so when I enter my online key it gets enabled?

it doesn’t need to worry about the key. its just installed like a bunch of files. you have to browse to where steam has installed the game and make sure it goes into the right folder, then thats it, you can launch the agme and have the new race immediately.

Help! I bought the Nomads DLC (full price thank you), but it’s not working. I saved it to the C: Programs/steam/steamapps/common/gsb folder with the rest of the races I’ve purchased but it’s not working. Any suggestions?

It put all the files for the Nomads in a folder called Gratuitous Space Battles in your Gratuitous Space Battles folder…just drag the new folder out and cut/paste all the files in their rightful destination. It’s pretty simple, just match it up with the other files.

If you need a walkthrough I’m sure someone on here can explain it, or I could talk you through it on Skype or somethin’ if verbal guidance works better.

That worked! Not at first, but after I finally copied the config txt file then the Nomad stuff loaded!


You’re more than welcome, same thing happened to me.
I believe there’s a thread about it in Support as well.

Either way, enjoy the Nomads!!

Still waiting for it on Steam. :frowning:

I’m still waiting for GSB for mac’s :confused:

I’m waiting too. Feel free to email valve and ask them, it possibly helps it get done faster :frowning:

Posted a question on this exact issue (for macs, not Nomads. I get the feeling they’re not the best people to do work on indie games?)