are the rebls supposed to run into the corners ?

been playing with the rebel ships and for some reason they always let the enemy engage then turn tail and run to the close corner.

there setup is as follows

1 cruiser with setup as a antifighter anti missle system all high tracking lasers
2 cruisers setup with light plasma launchers or beams of some type dont matter really.
order is formation with the two crusers set to form up with the anti fighter cruiser.

fighters 20% 500 range
frigs 50% max range
cruisers 100% max range

what happens is they let the enemy engage they take out a few ships and then they run to the corners.
and sit there. while ships pound away on them out side of their range ?

did you have the cautious order on? if so, that would explain it.

When you say ‘max range’, do you mean ‘2000’? If so, that means they’ll try to approach to 2000 (which probably means not moving at all at the start) and will remain in place until the enemy closes to half that (1000 in this case) at which point they’ll try to keep that distance.

You should normally set the range to the range of your main weapon.