Are there any small-scale challenges?


Basically the title says it all. I’ve just started playing GSB, and although I love it, I feel a lot of the battles just turn into a big ruck. Cruisers cluster, overlapping one another, fighters spiral around them, and the fight becomes very much about weapons vs defences, with positioning and speed largely irrelevant.

Of course, that might be just a noob mistake, but if it isn’t, I think small challenges (10,000 max, 10 pilots, large map) might make for quite a different experience.

Does anyone know of any small challenges? I guess I’ll start making some myself, but it would be nice to download some too.

Without modding… The smallest challenge scenario is “Defending Sirius”, which is a 20,000 honour, 50 pilots, small map. If you sort the challenges by map it’s easy to find a few on this map. You tend to see a couple of fighter squadrons and about 4 to 15 ships, depending on the designs and whether frigates are being deployed.

I’d like to see 10.000 point challenges too. It should be possible to post challenges from the tutorial deployment screen.

I think the main problem with this request is the lack of gratuitousness. We need WICKEDLY AWESOME small maps with 5k cost and 5 pilots!

personally, I think it’d be awesome to limit costs in weird ways, so doing something like… say… only 10000 points, but 250 pilots.
or 999999 points, but 2 pilots.
or something :smiley: whatever.

I’m all for smaller fleets in larger maps …thats why we have the 4X time thingy any way …would make for more interesting fight also…limiting ships weps Augs in challenges woukld also contribute to replayabiliy …Lets keep improving the game and expanding it …and maybe later we can get some real-time action fights…

How D. I just got the game last week, but have posted two tiny challenges. One is limited to 3000 credits and the other to 2000. I plan to do a few at 5000 and 10,000 as well.

Last weak I’d saw a challenge for 5000 points in the game.And I would like to improve it and make it to 3000 points.It should be possible to challenge.

Indeed, about a week ago, there were several 1 on 1 cruiser challenges around the 3K budget level.

Some of my early challenges were small by Gratuitous standards as well that were posted on 1-25-2010, the three “Patrol” scenarios.