Are there enough Hulls? Mad idea... Extra graphics...

I liekd adding expansion packs to the game. Each pack comes with some extra modules, weapons or other trickery, and some new maps… I had decided to stop adding any new expansion packs and just do the campaign game add-on.
However, I do wonder whether or not there is player interest for what amounts to just a content pack, in terms of graphics. I don’t want to take any time away from the work on the campaign, but it occurs to me that just adding in new ship hulls, without any new modules, new missions or abckdrops, would involve relatively little work by me, and mostly new artwork.
I wouldn’t be doing it as a business move, just as some fun new stuff for an existing game, so if it covered the cost of the artwork, and a few days of putting the artwork and the damage and hull textures together, it could be done fairly cheaply.
Would there be interest in a new race for GSB with no new modules and no new missions (just a new sprite pack)?
Would there be interest in a bunch of new hulls for existing races maybe?

Obviously new extra stuff is always cool, but is this something anyone would buy?
I wonder if I should do that ransom-thing, where people pledge money and when it reaches $X, the product gets made?

i vote for more hulls

I would go for the hulls also, but new modules would be cool to the new races also. Or you can ask others if your able to use some of there work from mods to add into the game. Might help with some of the creating new stuffs, just an idea.

Lone starr

Yarrrr, aye!!!

new content always appreciated, if you just drop it in the modders will pick up somewhere :smiley:

New hulls would be awesome, particularly if they are some unusual types, such as a couple really gigantic types. Heavy cruisers maybe?

A lot of the current modded ships are just using smaller hulls and scaling them up. Unfortunately they small hulls don’t scale up all that well. There’s a lot of detail lost when you increase a tiny hull into a cruiser sized hull, so the ship looks kind of bland.

Damn straight, comrade. Long live the revolution. :wink:

Agreed in full. That’s long been problematic for us modders. More variety, please!

Cliffski, thanks for asking our input on this product! I would like to see a graphics-pack product that has new hulls (and no modules, etc.) for existing official races. I’d pay for that, even though my preference would be for expansion packs which either add new modules, new gameplay dynamics which currently do not exist, or (best of all!) BOTH.

Some requests:

  1. –if at all feasible for your artist, could we please have one Empire design each with the following overall appearance:
    A) two (or more?) concentric outer rings surrounding the inner core; core size reduced somewhat to make room for the extra ring(s).
    B) one outer ring, as usual – but a much larger inner core.

  2. –somewhat akin to #1 above, could we have at least one hull design for each official race that, while still obviously reminiscent of that race, has a signifigantly radical/different appearance? Something really unusually-shaped, in comparison to the rest of that race’s hulls? Those possibilities are a major chunk of the appeal that your proposed graphics pack has for me.

I’ve always thought that those aesthetic changes would be cool for indicating some sort of major capital ship, like the functional equivalent of a heavy carrier or a dreadnaught. My ability to visually hack one together is rather less than that of your artist, hence my requests.

Thanks for your consideration. :slight_smile:

I would like to have some larger Federation type cruiser also please! smiles nicely

I’m always up for new GSB niftiness. With hull bonuses being what they is and all, I don’t see why a new race needs special modules to be special. There are enough types of bonuses to do all kinds of wacky stuff.

And I wouldn’t mind additional hulls for the existing races, even just the equivalent of the FedElite hulls (gunmetal with dark red accents for Rebels, maybe?). I think GSB has enough substance going at this point to make adding purely cosmetic stuff worthwhile.

Some more hulls for the official races would be good to see.

what about if we make a concept art and the artist makes up a ship from that?
heck,i`d be willing to pay for that

definately, me too, i would love more variety

More Hulls! More scenarios would also be nice too. More Gratuitous Graphics would also be welcome. I know I’d pay for it based on the quality of the game so far. You’ve never let us down.

Yes, please, more hulls for existing races would be great - more variety extends the length of the game, at least for me. I would be happy to pay the current DLC rate - it’s what, $8 US? - for a set of new hulls. To make it accessible, I imagine you would want to focus on the four races every GSB buyer has - 1-2 new cruisers for each, and the odd new frigate, would be great.

I hope you do this and it pays off, so that you can do it again. I look forward to the campaign, but I haven’t played GSB in months now - I’d love some new hulls to get me back into it.

To be totally honest, I doubt I’d purchase anything like what you’re suggesting Cliff. I am definitely looking forward to the campaign, but the idea of some new ship sprites doesn’t really excite me: I certainly wouldn’t pay anything for them. And if it meant I couldn’t play a whole bunch of challenges then I’d actually be pretty annoyed.

I can appreciate there’s a market for this stuff though, and if I was still playing GSB a ton maybe I’d think differently. Demon’s Souls and MGS4 (finally) are taking up most of my gaming time at the moment.

geez guys what i meant was paying for custom-made ship sprites i would order for myself
read the damn posts before you repply :smiley:

I would particularly like to see at least one other race have a hull like the Imperial Weapons Platform - one that is designed to function well without an engine and looks like a stationary facility. But maybe that’s just me.

Agree with this. A new race with new modules bring new strategies. But new hulls alone doesn’t add much in terms of gameplay.

New hulls, with new numbers and ratios of modules and hard points, and with different bonuses, add just as much as new modules do. The only new module I can think of that I use heavily is the Swarm’s missile blocker - the rest didn’t change anything for me. On the other hand, an Empire cruiser that isn’t a big ol’ target, or a Rebel cruiser with more durability …

Currently each race have similar bonus on their hull. Assuming this remains the same, then hulls won’t make much of a difference besides their size. On the other hand, if every race have every bonus, then it will hurt the game as it takes away the point of having different races. I do not want to see Rebel cruiser with shield bonus, or Tribe cruisers with cost reduction bonus.