Are there plans for any other races?

I tried to find this in the forum but couldn’t, so I apologize if this has been covered and I missed it.

That said:

I love the 4 races in the game, but one of the things focusing on the combat will do is to drive the desire to have more visual content. I see we have an insectoid looking race with pointy ships a race full of circular scaffold ships and the other two which are pretty much standard sci fi-ish delta shapes.

What about cube/rectangular ships… big ugly purple/red blocks with stuff sticking out of them (the concept art is in my head already lol).

Or what about another totally organic looking species with greenish/yellow looks to them, but less pointy than the current race more with a salvador dali feel to them, flowing and slimy looking: like the ships were grown in vats.

And then also possibly an extremely sharp delta shaped race with deep green and blue coloring and fighters inspired by the mospaeda Alphas.

Also some ships with an offset verpine inspired look to them would be fun, where they aren’t bilaterally symmetrical but jut in different directions but still have a nice curve.

For now you can ask the nice people in the modding section what they can cook up. Or go mod it yourself.

That is a good point. I could do the art no problemo… not sure about actually changing the ship format files though or adding another race. I guess I’ll get there when I get there.

Still my question was for cliff: i.e. are there more planned? Or is 4 gonna be it and it’s up to modders to create any new visual content?

Four is it for the base game, but I wouldn’t rule out an expansion pack at some future stage. Adding an entire race is actually a pretty big undertaking, to do it to the same detail that the current four are in. There is a lot of work in a new ship hull, and each race has ten of them, plus potentially some new custom modules for that race, and some new scenarios etc. There is also a lot of fiddly stuff you wouldn’t at first consider. Note that every race has its own type of ship debris, and its own escape pods, plus different engine glow and shield effects…