are windows/linux regkeys equivalent?

Not a super big deal (I have both a Windows and Linux computer), but do the same registration keys work between versions?

I’m a longtime player of the Windows version, and have all the DLCs. If the regkeys are not equivalent, is there a way I could have one? (after somehow proving ownership). I’m not particularly fond of re-buying games I already have.

If not, thats cool too- I’ll just play something else over the holidays (only have my linux pc with me at the moment).


The regkeys for challenge mode work across windows and linux perfectly fine. However the DLC doesn’t quite work on linux yet and requires a bit of conversion to get it working.

Thanks! I also just realized that I would need a copy of the linux install as well (which I don’t have), so it looks like I’ll be waiting to get back to my windows computer still… oh well…

under gratuitous modding I have a script that converts all dds files into pngs, with continuous integration and checks for imagemagick