Are you frustrated by the limit on car export slots in terms of total output?

I’ve been doing a big experimental factory and although I did manage to ‘fix’ things by a long winding conveyor belt to a different lot, I was wondering if generally speaking, people playing the ‘late game’ find that the export slot itself is too restrictive a bottleneck?

I was musing over the possibility of one of two options:

  1. introduce a third upgrade to the export slot which adds extra staff (more employees at desks!) and which provides another small boost to the throughput of the slot or…
  2. split the export slot into maybe 2 sub slots (paperwork and delivery scheduling) which could then be separated out as an additional piece of research, allowing for faster throughput overall.

Or of course, it could be left as it is!

If you do either 1 or 2, I wouldn’t make it increase the speed by 2x. I haven’t played a mega factory yet so I can’t comment on export functions there, but I’ve never been bothered by its speed. That being said, more upgrade options are always fun and welcome. As to version 1 or version 2. Oh boy. That’s a hard one. Both sound excellent. ON the one hand, more desk work spots are needed. On the other, the way you split the tasks would look cool too.

I hate to keep asking, is there going to be an option to direct price changed cars in the salesroom without needing to make an entirely new car model? To get rid of cars that have old and fewer options than the new models replacing it?

I definitely like the second option. I’ve had quite a few late game factories where the export slot is the limitation on getting cars out. The long line to a second/third/fourth export slot is something I take into consideration from the very beginning. It’s not a bad solution, but it’s kind of ugly and would definitely feel less gamey if there were a way to get them out the one slot faster.

Consider that once you have most everything broken down to the smallest stations, you’re looking at a car every two minutes, but you can only export them one every four or so. If you run double lines or more, it’s pretty easy to get a car every minute or 45 seconds, which requires a lot of export slots to manage.

I do want to do this, its just not the top priority right now, but I know its a feature that would be cool and makes sense to add.

I like option two having two stations ( in the research tech). This should also boost speed. Adding more export points would help as well as the ability to select which vehicles may go through them as I like to see each vehicle and envision a line of export points dedicated to each type of vehicle.

Yea!!! No need to rush to add it. Now that I know it’ll be there at some point take your time :slight_smile:

Not sure how hard this would be to implement but why not have regional exports around the world with their own markets and showrooms. Could start quite basic e.g. split the world in half and then become more complex?