Armor Strength??

Where is the armor strength value located? There are listings for cost, weight, hit points, and damage absorbable but can’t find armor strength.


The above is the detail whose value you’re looking for: the number of incoming damage points the armor blocks from striking your hull. ‘Damage Absorbable’ is plainly visible when you’re on the Ship Design screen and you select any armor module to view its details.

Let us know if you had something else in mind.

He means “average armor” which is the value compared compared against armor penetration. Yes, it is a hidden stat for armor components, but even if it were shown, it wouldn’t be too useful because of how armor stacks, it’s all math-weird. All you really need to know is bigger armor = more armor. Then check the hull stats to see if you need more armor or not.

It’s not a hidden stat at all–the armor strength of your ship is simply (total damage absorbable) / (number of modules).

Close but it’s actually (Total absorbable damage of all armor modules) / (total number of modules + 1)

As a general rule of thumb you want a little over 12 armor on your ships. That is enough to render your ships relatively immune to fighters, particularly if you have a repair module to keep the armor in good shape.

There isn’t much point in designing armored ships to withstand the firepower of cruisers. No amount of armor will do this for very long. You need to rely on shields or EMP against the big ships.

Actually, you also need to take into account diminishing returns on armor. Unless you know that as well, then the formula is useless. And even if you do know it, it’s faster to just switch armor in and out to see what values you get.

If y’all have been manually calculating it, i feel sorry for you; you can get the number by clicking the icon that looks like a bar chart (upper right of ship hull display) in the ship editor.