Art available for modding: Babylon 5

I developed a comprehensive Babylon 5 mod for Wierd Worlds some time ago, which has a lot of the same graphics requirements for hulls as GSB (including hardpoints and module points). There’s no chance I’ll ever have time to port it to GSB, but I’m willing to make all the artwork available for an ambitious GSB modder. The files are all in Photoshop layers, complete with transparencies and suggested hardpoint/module locations, and with fighter/frigate/cruiser options for all the major babylon 5 races (earth, centauri, vorlon, shadow, drakh, narn, minbari, and miscellaneous). The hull images are all consistent and high quality.

If anyone is ready to tackle implementing the finest space opera ever made for TV - drop me an email at dragonfly @

The big question is… are the sprites big enough ? (i mean minimum of 512x512 resolution) and do u have borlon, narn (to the exception of the narn cruiser that i have) and centauri sprites??. The sprites that are hard to find are the centauri, borlon and narn sprites, i have some nimbari sprites, almost all human sprites, some shadow sprites and the narn cruiser sprite. I am to busy right now, and i am including all the good sprites i have of the babylon 5 univers on my “Earth Alliance vs Outsiders League” mod (WIP). The thing is, if we can get a huge ammount of sprites from all races, the babylon 5 mod will be finally possible.