As a fan of Master of Orion...

GSB… wow! Love it! Dropped the cash after 5 minutes playing the demo. It isn’t what I want in a game, but it doesn’t matter. GSB is a great accomplishment and I wanted to support the devs.

So, as a fan who still plays MOO2, you can guess what I’d like to see in the future… MOO2 with GSB style space battles! Of course, as I’m sure has been mentioned already in the forums, I would also like to see GSB eventually get tactical controls as in the Master of Orion series. It could be optional for the player, and yes, I know the devs specifically say that GSB is not about tactical control, but I’m just sharing my feelings on the subject.

Thanks for your time reading my obligatory kudos + personal wish post. Keep up the good work, devs. I know I’m not alone; there’s plenty of MOO fans who would love the GSB engine to be applied to a full fledged 4X space strategy game. We’ve been looking for the next, best MOO2 for years. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and bide my time while playing GSB!

I also felt a warm MOO2 vibe when I first played this game–except IMO this game is far better, as far as the actual combat goes–not just the fancy graphics and other things that are now old-fashioned about M002, but the balance and scope for many different paths to victory (or sometimes disaster :smiley: ). I am uncertain about tactical controls. Although I sometimes get this impulse to scream “What are you doing?” at ships that wander off to odd corners. I do appreciate that I don’t need to mouse all over the place constantly checking the status and tweaking the instructions of every ship all the time.

It might be fun to have a strategic component, but only if it is well conceived and implemented as the tactical one already is.