Ask Cliff Harris!

Hey all

Cliff was gracious to accept our invite to an interview on our next podcast (
Now I know I have questions a plenty for him, but I figured why not ask his most dedicated fans what they would like to ask? So list away and I will do my best to pick the most interesting ones and add them to our list.

Funny… I have a hard time coming up with questions, and you’d think it wouldn’t be a problem. I read the forums, which tends to answer most of my game-related questions, and I read his blog, which tends to answer a lot of questions about HIM. He puts personal as well as game related stuff in there, so i wonder if most of the questions I would have had have already been answered before I had them. =)

I guess I am a little intrigued as to what it’s like to be an indie developer without the 9-5 job that many developers have to compensate for the money they don’t make on their games. My interpretation of Cliff’s comments is that he makes a happy living off of the income of his games alone. This is wonderful, and a credit to him and his games. He’s obviously doing something right, so what is it that he feels he’s doing that other indie developers are not? Why does he have what appears to be a greater measure of success than many others in his position?


Does he have time for a girlfriend? Does he work weekends? How many weeks holiday a year? Does he have a pension plan, or does he intend to program games until age 70?

What’s his view on polarised 3D games (e.g. Avatar, Super Stardust HD)? Polarised 3D GSB?

I have been playing the demo and really loving it.
Once more time is available I 'll buy this.

I do understand the premise is that you just get to pick ships/equip them and watch them be blasted into smithereens, still I gotta ask.
How about the bigger picture? How about making a galaxy-wide struggle with factions which actually fight those battles and for them might be a matter of life and death, so to speak?

I have been a member of a Total war game mod for some time and I can tell you that the bigger picture counts a lot. You earn a battle against higher odds in one area so that your faction can concentrate on another, etc. while on the same time building up infrastructure and creating labs/research and industrial capability to bring better guns to bear against the enemy. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated to work. I played the demo and won some battles, it was great. It would have been greater to be doing all that for a greater purpose than just unlocking some better gizmos for your ships. Are there plans for a “Space Battles Galactic TW” kind of game (TW meaning Total war)? The space battle engine is there, all you need to do is create the empire-running part and you will have created a great 4X game for all. Funny part about 4X is if you press “shift” while typing it it creates a “$” sign resulting in $X. I hope it can and will in your case as well, Mr. clifinski, since this demo I played is well above the norm, especially on a very old old laptop.