Ask me questions about GTB

Are there plans of having or is it possible to add

  1. air and naval units?I know its Tank battles for a reason but just the same :slight_smile:
  2. coop play? each player would have his own deployment base
  3. Special hero units? Maybe just limit them to just 1 or perhaps just make the deployment cost for it insanely high.

so now that you figured out GSB for ipad, and the new one has twice the memory, what are the chances we’ll see an ios version of GTB sooner than later?

Eeek, maybe eventually, but I might be tempted to pull GTB apart and re-code it almost from scratch to make a more ipad-centric version of the game. it depends if anyone actually buys GSB on ipad :smiley:

ah, sorry, i mistook the 100k figure to be the ipad figure itself for some reason :slight_smile:

still, as much as i prefer PC gaming to anything else, TD style games I seem to find way more enjoyable on an iPad for some reason. i think its that sense of you being some commander with a war tablet, raining down fire and destruction with a mere touch,. that kind of gets lost in translation when the input is a mouse, to me anyway.

either way, good luck with the rest of the projects, whichever platforms you decide on.