Asking someone out

I’m new to the site, and unfortunately, just purchased the crappy Yahoo version before becoming aware of this site.

Two quick questions, please:

  • Is there no way for my character to ask someone on a date?

  • What are the best ways to keep from being tired? I end up with a summation labeling me as ‘reclusive’ because I spend so much time ‘having a bath’ to get the tiredness down.

I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer.

Thank you.

You can’t initiate a romance, only the other person can. Once you are dating though you can have a romantic dinner or movie with them.

Tiredness - what type of job you have, what kind of transport you take, the kind of activities you do will have an impact. If you are lifting weights you’ll be more tired than if you read a book.

Thank you very much for the information. :smiley:

how long does it take before the person gets asked out? because whenever the person has a good relationship whith someone it goes back to 1/2 way within 2 days! :cry: Is there a way to get the relationship up faster? and stuff like that

there’s a minimum number of times you need to have met someone before they will ask you out, and a minimum level of friendship required. How quickly it will rise is dependent upon their ‘attraction’ to you, so you need to ‘target’ attractive people as potential partners, and socialise specifically with them :smiley:.

One of your characters looks just like my husband! LOL so I included him in everything and he finally asked me out LOL we’ve been together 3 years now LOL :wink:

I also find having a dog, jogging or reading every other day helps with tiredness and of course sleeping on the sofa is the best one after a big night out!

I would love to have a longer life though…10 years and I am 30 finally with a good job and a possible marriage if only he would ask (yes I know he won’t) and kids (hmmm nothing like a bit of rumpy pumpy to relax you…but better than a bath IMHO) :slight_smile: I can see this game just growing and growing and I wish you KUDOS!!!

PS I am thinking about becoming a drunken sax player and call myself Bill what you think :wink:

the positech version has an option to carry on after 10 years, although your character will never age or die. (people requested this).

Hmmm… It makes me think you should have either a Little Rock or Washington D.C. or Harlem mod on your game :stuck_out_tongue: Although… the Bill I’m thinking of was a bit more fond of food than drink.