Assassination crash

Just got informed that I’d been assassinated–no word who did it, simply a screen stating that, with a few white dots below it, then a line saying “Thanks for the advice” to click on. Only clicking on it did nothing. About 30 seconds later, I was booted to the main screen for the game, and then received a Windows message that an error had occurred, and that democracy2.exe was closing.

Damn. could you send me the debugdata file from that game? just in case it logged an error.

In my copy, it’s a directory, rather than a file, and includes debug.txt and drawdebug.txt. I’ll zip up both, and shoot them over to you.

I’m having the same problem. Of course, I also want to figure out why I keep getting assassinated and ways to avoid it :slight_smile:.

Same here.

Ok, I’ve looked at one lot of debug files for this and it doesn’t tell me why its happening as such, but i have a theory. If anyone else has debug files from when this bug has shown up, can you send them to me?(cliff AT They are in the games debugdata folder.
I have a horrible feeling there is some obscure memory trampling bug that is causing this, and its turning out to be different on different peoples machines :frowning:. Hopefully its simpler than that…

Ohhh I think I’ve found it.

Should be fixed now: