Assassination issue? :(

First of all, loving the game. It’s fantastic. Secondly, I might have a issue.
I came under the impression this would be somewhat realistic, and I was right.
This is a fantastic game, although I cannot get pass one term without getting assassinated.
I’m serious.
I have maybe, once or twice, gotten passed assassination. The odd thing is, I haven’t been doing anything extreme.
I highly doubt putting tax shelters and removing the corporation tax would anger socialists enough to the point of assassination.
If a update could maybe… lower the threat massively, I would be eternally grateful.
Also, I played Demo. 2, I believe assassinations occurred very rarely in 2.


I was having the same problem, every time I tried to pursue laissez faire economic policies, socialists would start gunning for me (literally) every turn. Eventually they will kill you.

The solution, I found, was to reduce their numbers using the Innate Socialism slider at the start of the game.

I don’t consider this cheating at all. It’s common sense. Realistically, if you ran for office on a certain platform, the majority of voters are not going to be opposed to your intended policies at the outset.

So for example, if I’m pursuing a libertarian strategy in a US game (as I usually do), I’d pre-start the game by moving the Innate Socialism slider down 50%, and the Innate Liberalism slider up 50%.

You get a lot less starting socialists and conservatives this way. Now, when I eliminate capital gains taxes and legalize gambling and prostitution, I rarely get shot at anymore. The worst that happens now is that they say bad things about me on talk shows, and occasionally a cabinet minister will resign.

So, do yourself a favor and set the sliders at the outset to be in accord with your preferred ideological strategies!

It sounds to me like you may be acting too radically and rapidly. Imagine converting mainstream US politics to socialism in five years, or dismantling the UK welfare state in the same time period. People would go nuts :smiley: You need to be more subtle, and slowly influence people away from socialism (for example) with policies like labour laws, enterprise investment schemes and small business grants. Don’t get too far ahead of the electorate.

Still think this may be an issue. Even after I tried to placate the liberals with getting rid of private prisons, appointing a liberal UN representative, lowering border controls, etc. I still got assassinated. What especially makes this tough is I had a 93% positive poll result for the next election. I get it just takes one nut, but my popularity bar is almost completely green and I get assassinated…?? I don’t know, just still seems off to me.

What about an option to beef up security, or even have a gestapo force to round up your enemies and make them disappear??

Strangely I only had this problem playing as the USA. First I kept trying to improve things quickly like sorting out brain drain with state school funding, lowering military spending etc but conservative groups kept assassinating me. It was really frustrating. I’ve got a game going now in which I only tweak something once every few turns which seems to keep the gunmen at bay, or at least keeps them failing.

The more draconian your security policies (ID Cards, wire tapping etc) the less likely an assassination will succeed. I might consider putting in turning off assassination as an option, for people who really don’t like that side of the game.

Every time I try playing as the US I get assasinated by black power no matter what choices I make. Even when the only changes I made were additional funding to schools and rail systems. The US hasn’t had a successful assasination in 50 years. It seems a little off and essentially makes the US unplayable for me.

Perhaps a slider ranging from Kevlar® to bullet-magnet?

Maybe also a security policy providing Special Branch / Secret Service protection?

I’ve not yet spent much time playing, but it does seem terribly frustratingly easy to get assassinated.

I would hazard a guess that this mechanic exists so that players do not become complacent (ie I can only “lose” at the election and that’s 10, 12, 16 whatever turns away, then by the time election time comes around everything is so out of control that players continually lose). This mechanic keeps players on their toes a little bit, so its relatively harder IMO to end up in unrecoverable hole by election time as you would most likely have been assassinated long before things got that bad :slight_smile: So you learn and restart and end up wasting significantly less playtime.

Plus it also makes the game more interesting IMO.

The mechanic may be a little highly tuned for realism sakes, but I think its more of a gameplay balance consideration then anything else.

Have you tried altering immigration, foreign relations, citizen ship tests and discrimination policies?